Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweeeet Sponsor List!

At last, the 2010 official list of DP Dash Sponsors and non-profit partners. Please, if you dig the Dash, show your love for these truly supportive organizations by buying their stuff. They’ve sent raffle prizes, helped out with OAC’s expenses, and some are even bringing display booths of their stuff right to the Dash. Check out this impressive list, and thank you thank you to all our sponsors –

Alki Kayak Tours

Aquasports Paddle Center

Bluewater Kayak Works

Body Boat Blade International

Cascade Designs

Cathy Federici Massage

Canoe & Kayak Magazine

Danuu Kayak & Canoe Covers

Kayakers Go Coastal

Kayak Academy


MTI/Palm Equipment

Northwest Kayaks


Olympic Outdoor Center

Olympic Raft & Kayak

Outdoor Adventures

Perfect Wave Surf Shop

Ruby Creek Boat House

Sea Kayaker Magazine

Snap Dragon Designs

Stohlquist Waterware

University of Sea Kayaking

And… the Dash has partnered with these non-profits – looking for your support to advocate for the paddling experiences you love!

American Canoe Association

Leave No Trace

Washington Water Trails

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