Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Paddlesports Races

Info on Winter races below forwarded by Shane Baker. Thanks Shane!

Also don't forget the Sound Rowers races ( starting with LaConner on Feb 6 and Lake Sammamish on March 13. Lots of fun opportunities for racers this year.

Mark your calendar -- Here is an updated 2010 Winter Series Race Schedule.

In addition to this list below, there is an Annual Fox Island paddle around Fox Island at 10am on January 1st. At the Fox Island Bridge. contact Shane Baker at if interested for more details.

Happy New Year!

2010 New Year's Challenge - This Weekend!
OC-1/2/6, Surfskis, Kayaks
, SUP'S and non-motorized watercrafts
Saturday, January 2, 2010
Race Starts at 11:00am
6.5 mile downwinder from Gasworks Park to Magnuson Park or vice-versa depending on winds

More details and info to come or see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:
Hosted by the Sail Sand Point Outrigger Canoe Club

Ruston Way Solo/Relay
Tacoma, Washington
March 20th, 2010
On Tacoma's Commencement Bay
Jack Hyde Park
Open to all OC's, Surfski's, Kayaks, SUP's and non-motorized watercrafts
10.5 miles Solo or Partners of 2 - 8 paddlers 2.6 miles per lap(4 total laps)
Registration at 9am
Race Starts at 11am
(special fundraiser for our 2010 World Sprint Paddler headed to New Caledonia)
Hosted by PNW-ORCA


January 16th - B.C. Canada - Jericho OCC - 11am

January 30th - Lake Union, Wa. - Hui Wa'a O Wakinikona - 11am

February 13th - Portland, Oregon - Mountain Home CC - 11am

February 27th - Silverdale, Washington - Hui Heihei Wa'a - 11am

March 13th - Portland, Oregon - Kai Ikaika CC - 11am

March 27th - B.C. Canada - False Creek CC - 11am

April 10th - Sand Point, Washington - Sail Sand Point OCC - 11am

Check for more details on race series and points

Please pass on to your paddlers

Mahalo and Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Final results

Thanks for your comments and edits to the two preliminary passes at the results. We cleared up a couple things regarding times and boat classes, so it looks like the list below is a final-final. Sorry about the formatting with all the commas… if you’d like a spreadsheet please email and we’ll send one along.

Mark your calendar for the 5th annual Dash, Saturday December 4th 2010, 1pm start. See you out there!

place, place-div, First Name, Last name, Home Town, Boat model, Div., time

1, 1, Greg, Barton, Seattle WA, Epic V12, HPK-M, 46:24

2, 1, Tyler, Peterson, Burien WA, Maas 24, OWIII-M, 47:33

3, 2, Erik , Borgnes, Sturgeon Bay WI, Epic v12, HPK-M, 48:35

4, 1, Larry Goolsby & Shaun Sullivan, Ferndale WA, Fenn Mako XT, 2HPK-M, 48:58

5, 3, David , Jacobson, Bellingham WA, Fenn Elite, HPK-M, 50:33

6, 4, Gabriel, Newton, Seattle WA, Epic V10 L, HPK-M, 50:35

7, 5, Chris , Dobrovolny, Vancouver BC Canada, think Evo, HPK-M, 51:19

8, 6, Jeffrey , Hegedus, Bellingham WA, Epic V10, HPK-M, 51:23

9, 1, Brian Boatman, Eric Gerstl, Bellingham WA, Tiger 2, 2OC-M, 52:09

10, 7, Matt, Kelly, Vancouver BC Canada, think Uno, HPK-M, 52:26

11, 2, Sean Gibson & Gary Cassulis, North Vancouver CA, Fenn Mako XT, 2HPK-M, 53:33

12, 8, Bob , Putnam, Vancouver BC Canada, Epic V10 Super Elite, HPK-M, 53:43

13, 2, Lance Kahn & Geoff Briggs, Bremerton WA, Huki OC2, 2OC-M, 54:00

14, 9, Reivers, Dustin, Bellingham WA, Huki S1X, HPK-M, 54:29

15, 10, Roger, Lamb, Bellingham WA, Huki S1X, HPK-M, 54:35

16, 1, Shane Baker & Traci Cole, Port Orchard WA & Kenmore WA, Ruahine Adv. Duet, 2SK-mx, 54:38

17, 1, Michael Gregory & Scarlett Johansson, Bellingham WA, Fenn Mako XT, 2HPK-mx, 54:40

18, 1, Aaron Rinn, Glenn Rogers, Ryan Van Gorder, Seattle WA, NWK Seascape 3, 3SK-M, 55:47

19, 2, Howard, Lee, Seattle WA, Maas 24, OWIII-M, 56:16

20, 11, David , Couvrette, Seattle WA, Epic V10, HPK-M, 57:27

21, 1, Andy Bridge & Greg Dutton, Sultan WA, Seaward Passat, 2SK-M, 57:46

22, 12, Steven, Jones, Seattle WA, Epic V10, HPK-M, 58:20

23, 13, Rick , Lingbloom, Bellingham WA, Huki S1X, HPK-M, 58:26

24, 2, Trista Bilmer & Brian Page, Vancouver BC Canada, Nelo Waterman tandem, 2SK-mx, 58:29

25, 14, Paul , Clement, Bellingham WA, Huki S1X, HPK-M, 58:35

26, 1, Brady, Guinn, Seattle WA, Hurricane , OC1-M, 58:39

27, 15, John , Flynn, Seattle WA, think Evo, HPK-M, 59:00

28, 16, Greg , Bawden, Duvall WA, Huki S1-R, HPK-M, 59:01

29, 17, Charles , Curry, Bainbridge Island WA, Epic 18X, HPK-M, 59:13

30, 1, Karl, Andersson, Portland OR, Necky Looksha II, FSK-M, 59:24

31, 2, Wayne, Horodowich, Mill Creek WA, Home made Skin Boat, FSK-M, 59:54

32, 2, Michael , Hammer, Mt Vernon WA, , OC1-M, 60:41

33, 18, Brent, Couvrette, Seattle WA, Epic V10, HPK-M, 61:07

34, 3, Jim, Zimmerman, Anacortes WA, Necky Looksha III, FSK-M, 61:10

35, 4, Leon, Somme, Eastsound WA, Kirton Inuk, FSK-M, 61:26

36, 1, Brandon, Nelson, Bellingham WA, Sterling Grand Illusion, SK-M, 61:27

37, 3, Ken, Kroeger, Seattle WA, Kamanu Pueo, OC1-M, 61:53

38, 19, Andrew , Losli, Forest Grove OR, Futura II, HPK-M, 62:14

39, 20, Joe, Kaftan, Seattle WA, Epic 18x, HPK-M, 62:19

40, 21, Michael , Cline, Seattle WA, Nelo Moskito FW2000, HPK-M, 62:23

41, 22, Pete , Wylie, Lanikai HI, Epic 18x Sport, FSK-M, 62:25

42, 23, Andrew , Elizaga, Tacoma WA, Epic 18X, HPK-M, 62:47

43, 1, Sherri, Cassuto, Seattle Wa, Eddyline Raven, SK-W, 62:59

44, 2, John, Thoreson, Seattle WA, Xplore S, SK-M, 63:26

45, 2, Chris Smith & David Price, Auburn WA & Woodinville WA, NDK Triton, 2SK-M, 63:31

46, 5, Warren, Williamson, Stanwood WA, Superior Hawk, FSK-M, 63:53

47, 2, Shawna , Franklin, Eastsound WA, NDK Greenlander Pro, SK-W, 63:57

48, 24, Michael, Dee, , , HPK-M, 64:15

49, 6, Kevin, Bowman, Bellingham WA, QCC 700x, FSK-M, 64:44

50, 4, Clement, Corbiell, Lakewood WA, Kiamana, OC1-M, 65:05

51, 3, Doug, Peele, Gig Harbor WA , Nigel Foster Legend, SK-M, 65:21

52, 4, Drew, Dixon, Langley, WA, Nadgee Expedition, SK-M, 65:30

53, 5, George, Gronseth, Issaquah WA, Tiderace Xplore, SK-M, 65:34

54, 5, Ernest, Wong, Seattle WA, Kamanu Pueo, OC1-M, 65:58

55, 6, Tracy, Clapp, Duvall WA, Impex Currituck, SK-M, 66:12

56, 7, Jesse, Varsi, Anacortes WA, Eddyline Falcon S18, FSK-M, 66:42

57, 1, Sonya, Bailey, Sedro Woolley WA, Foster Rowe Silhouette, FSK-W, 66:44

58, 24, Matthew , Norton, Portland OR, Valhalla, HPK-M, 67:00

59, 8, Arthur, Ham, Des Moines WA, Necky Looksha III, FSK-M, 67:01

60, 7, John , Doornink, Poulsbo WA, Self built kit boat, SK-M, 67:16

61, 8, Wade, Johnson, Camano Island WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 67:21

62, 6, Troy , Nishikawa, Redmond WA, Kamau Pueo, OC1-M, 67:35

63, 9, Jonathan, Berry, Issaquah WA, Valley Nordkapp, SK-M, 67:40

64, 2, Meg, Kelly, Burien WA, CD Stratus, FSK-W, 67:41

65, 10, Ian, Brosnan, Seattle WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 67:46

66, 11, Andrew , Jaquiss, Portland OR, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 67:48

67, 12, Adrian , Inglis, Bellevue WA, Impex Assateague, SK-M, 67:50

68, 9, Torolf , Torgersen, Anacortes WA, Eddyline Falcon S18, FSK-M, 67:52

69, 13, William , McKenzie, Seattle WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 68:51

70, 14, Chris, Mitchell, Bellingham WA, Rockpool Alaw Bach, SK-M, 68:52

71, 15, Robert , Freelove, Everett WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 68:55

72, 1, Darrel, Bednark, Seattle WA, Bark Catalina 18", Pdbd - M, 69:03

73, 16, Timothy , Burke, Olympia, WA , NDK Explorer, SK-M, 69:11

74, 17, Michael , Germani, Tacoma WA, Impex Outer Island, SK-M, 69:13

75, 18, William , Porter, Kirkland WA, NDK Romany, SK-M, 69:17

76, 2, Donald, Kiesling, Seattle WA, Bark Catalina 18", Pdbd - M, 69:21

77, 19, Granville, Paulus, Bainbridge Island WA, Sterling Illusion, SK-M, 69:33

78, 7, Kevin, Fitzpatrick, Seattle WA, Huki OC1, OC1-M, 69:36

79, 20, John , Kuntz, Poulsbo WA, Hurricane Tracer 165, SK-M, 70:10

80, 21, Gregory , Routt, Seattle WA, NDK Romany, SK-M, 70:16

81, 22, Carl, Darmer, Olalla WA, , SK-M, 70:21

82, 23, Gerardo , Andaluz, Blaine WA, Necky Chatham 18, SK-M, 70:25

83, 24, Travis , Brown, Everett WA, Eddyline Nighthawk 16, SK-M, 70:38

84, 10, Kieran, O'Kane, Seattle WA, QCC 700x, FSK-M, 70:45

85, 25, Edward , Hand, Renton WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 70:56

86, 1, Wendy, Carter, Bremerton WA, Huki OC1, OC1-W, 71:27

87, 3, Debbie, Natelson, Renton WA, CD Infinity, SK-W, 71:28

88, 26, Daniel, Elefant , Seattle WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 71:36

89, 4, Ayu, Othman, Seattle WA, Necky Chatham 18, SK-W, 71:38

90, 27, Paul , Shelton, Lacey WA, Valley Skerray, SK-M, 71:40

91, 28, Tim, Niemeyer, Bellingham WA, Coyote Skupper, SK-M, 72:05

92, 29, Jeffrey , Bedford , Folsom, CA , NDK Romany, SK-M, 72:17

93, 2, Minnie, Fontenelle, Seattle WA, Kamanu Pueo, OC1-W, 72:24

94, 30, Aragorn, Mallory, Auburn WA, Wildy Tempest, SK-M, 72:33

95, 31, Pawel, Szopa, , NDK Romany Surf, SK-M, 72:37

96, 32, Ron, Wright, Portland OR, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 72:43

97, 33, Rand , Harrell, Seattle WA, Wildy Tempest, SK-M, 72:50

98, 34, Tom, Borst, Marblemount WA, Wildy Tempest, SK-M, 72:56

99, 5, Marty, Perry, North Vancouver CA, NDK Romany Surf, SK-W, 73:05

100, 6, Juliane , Gust, Seattle WA, Wildy Tempest, SK-W, 73:06

101, 35, Henry , Romer, Olympia, WA , NDK Romany, SK-M, 73:10

102, 36, Tom, Banks, Anacortes WA, Sterling IceKap, SK-M, 73:39

103, 37, Erik, Evans, Bellingham WA, Necky Elaho, SK-M, 73:49

104, 38, David , Harris, Bellingham WA, Sterling Illusion, SK-M, 73:53

105, 11, David , Ortland, Bellevue WA, Valley Q Boat, FSK-M, 73:58

106, 1, Beau, Whitehead, Bellingham WA, Bark Catalina 18", SUP-M, 74:03

107, 39, Alex, Okerman, Seattle WA, NDK Romany, SK-M, 74:10

108, 1, Jodi Wright & Kim Anderson, Portland OR, NDK Triton, 2SK-W, 74:14

109, 3, Rhonda, Bintliff, Portland OR, Hurricane, OC1-W, 74:24

110, 40, Dike, Drummond, Mount Vernon WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 74:25

111, 7, Terri , Bedford , Folsom, CA , NDK Pilgrim, SK-W, 74:34

112, 8, Alison , Graham, Point Roberts WA, Sterling Illusion, SK-W, 74:39

113, 41, Terry , Fox, Issaquah WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 75:04

114, 42, Mark , Greengo, Seatac WA, NDK Romany, SK-M, 75:53

115, 43, Justin, Lacson, Seattle WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 76:14

116, 12, Sherman, Krantz, Bellingham WA, Necky Tahsis, FSK-M, 76:34

117, 44, Shane , Sobotka, Lk Stevens WA, Wildy Tempest, SK-M, 76:35

118, 45, David , Fisher, Poulsbo WA, Rockpool Alaw Bach, SK-M, 77:07

119, 9, Deborah, Orth, Gig Harbor WA, Redfish Spring Run, SK-W, 77:08

120, 46, Eoin, West, Seattle WA, Necky Chatham 17, SK-M, 77:17

121, 47, John, Ostermann, Seattle WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 77:31

122, 10, Barb, Gronseth, Issaquah WA, Sterling Illusion, SK-W, 77:36

123, 48, David , Mohler, Bellingham WA, Necky Looksha IV, SK-M, 77:42

124, 11, Jennifer, O'Neal, Bellingham WA, Sterling IceKap, SK-W, 77:44

125, 49, John, Fiddler, Seattle WA, Perception Eclipse, SK-M, 77:51

126, 50, Mark, Webster, Portland OR, Novus Composites NC19, SK-M, 78:14

127, 51, Chris, Dyko, Bremerton WA, Wildy Tsunami 175, SK-M, 78:19

128, 12, Jennifer, Peloquin, Vashon WA, Valley Nordkapp LV, SK-W, 78:22

129, 13, Marianne , Banks, Anacortes WA, Sterling IceKap, SK-W, 78:23

130, 8, Joe, Evans, Waterville OR, Krueger Sea Wind, OC1-M, 78:32

131, 52, Mark, Peloquin, Vashon WA, Valley Nordkapp LV, SK-M, 78:41

132, 53, Scott , Prato, Aberdeen WA, Pygmy Coho, SK-M, 79:15

133, 14, Jeanette, Rogers, Seattle WA, Mariner Elan, SK-W, 79:36

134, 54, David, Haas, Richmond Beach WA, CD Caribou S, SK-M, 79:43

135, 15, Pamela , Powell, Graham WA, Mariner Express, SK-W, 79:44

136, 3, Heather, Rai, Bellevue WA, Valley Nordkapp , FSK-W, 79:55

137, 55, Peter , Babler, Seattle WA, NDK Greenlander Pro, SK-M, 79:56

138, 2, Jeff , Underwood, Mercer Island WA, , SUP-M, 80:27

139, 56, Harry , Allen, Bremerton WA, Perception Carolina 14, SK-M, 80:44

140, 1, Heather, Nelson, Bellingham WA, C4 Waterman, SUP-W, 80:46

141, 57, James, Stanger, Olympia, WA , Eddyline Wind Dancer, SK-M, 80:48

142, 58, Rob , King, Kirkland WA, Valley Aquanut, SK-M, 80:50

143, 59, Ed , Matkovick, Issaquah WA, NDK Romany, SK-M, 82:01

144-T, 60-T, David, Kau, Eastsound WA, NDK Romany, SK-M, 82:31

144-T, 60-T, Jim, Lehocky, Friday Harbor WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 82:31

144-T, 60-T, Dean , Peterson, Seattle WA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, 82:31

144-T, 16-T, Janet, Brownell, Eastsound WA, NDK Explorer, SK-W, 82:31

144-T, 16-T, Maureen , Peterson, Seattle WA, Valley Nordkapp LV, SK-W, 82:31

149, 63, Jeffrey , Kahler, Wauna WA, Dagger Sitka, SK-M, 83:33

150, 64, Christopher, May, Woodinville WA, Pygmy Queen Charlotte, SK-M, 83:48

151, 65, David , Desertspring, Gig Harbor WA, Sterling Illusion, SK-M, 84:06

152, 66, Leon , Gander, Vancouver BC Canada, Wildy Tempest, SK-M, 85:31

153, 67, Paul , La Pointe, Woodinville WA, NWK Synergy, SK-M, 87:30

154, 68, Dennis, Malcom, Bremerton WA, Wildy Tempest, SK-M, 88:06

155, 69, Chad, Mickelson, Oak Harbor WA, Prijon, SK-M, 90:04

156, 70, Patrick, Martin, Oak Harbor WA, Wildy Tsunami , SK-M, 90:05

157, 1, Michael , Lampi, Bellevue WA, Nauticraft Escapade, Pedal, 90:14

158, 3, Bob , McDermott, Seattle WA, Hemel 11' SUP, SUP-M, 93:43

159, 4, David , Quasha, Seattle WA, Starboard Ultimate, SUP-M, 95:40

160, 5, Garth, Day, Vancouver BC Canada, SUP-M, 96:03

, , James, Doherty, Shoreline WA, , SUP-M, DNF

, , John , Day, North Bend WA, Huki S1X, HPK-M, Scr

, , Sam, Mulder, Portland OR, Huki S1-X, HPK-M, Scr

, , Erik, Wermus, Bellingham WA, Epic V10L, HPK-M, Scr

, , Alan , Goto, Seattle WA, Kamau Pueo, OC1-M, Scr

, , Michael, Vanderwater, Portland OR, Huki V1Z, OC1-M, Scr

, , James, Dunderdale, North Vancouver CA, NDK Explorer, SK-M, Scr

, , John , Sindelar, Seattle WA, Betsy Bay Valkyrie, SK-M, Scr

, , Daniel, White , Victoria BC Canada, NDK Greenlander Pro, SK-M, Scr

, , Elizabeth , Gould, LaConner WA, Riot Aura, SK-W, Scr

, , Tyler, Hesse, , , SUP-M, Scr

Monday, December 14, 2009

Photo, news & blog links for the Dash

It's only a day and a half post-Dash, and already the pictures and blog posts are popping up out there with paddlers' and spectators' shots of the race. Here are some links. If you choose to share or forward any of the images you find, please do so only with the permission of the photographers. They have been generous to send these links along for your enjoyment; let's not abuse that by using these images without credit or permission.

Keep checking back to this page for updates. We'll add more links as they come in, including anything we see in the press.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Great race, results coming!

Thanks to everyone who came out --- all those 160+ racers, all the volunteers, the extraordinaire chefs from OAC, spectators, press photographers, everyone! We had an awesome time.

Results are on the way. Still tallying and making sure we’re accurate, we should have them posted by tonight right here on the blog. Thanks for your patience!

If you have comments about race organization, please draft them up and send along to Merry Christmas everyone, and we’ll see you next year at the 5th Annual Dash! The date will be published for your 2010 calendar, within a week.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet vids of Dash #2 and 3

For a little Dash history, check these videos of the past two Dashes, from Steve Weileman and Jason Goldstein of Essex Explorations. These two adventurers are based right here on the Salish Sea and have documented their travels far and wide, and they’ve become regulars at the Dash each year.

Looking forward to what Jason will put together after shooting this year’s race. Thanks for the coverage fellas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Volunteer update

Hi volunteers, here's the latest...

Volunteers are invited, if you live in the Anacortes area or close by, to help put boat numbers and a few signs together, Wednesday 12/9 at Ruby Creek Boathouse's warehouse at 9117 Molly Lane #107. This is one block south of Hwy 20 on Reservation Road, just behind Jerry Smith Chevrolet. Whoever's into it, let's meet at 7:30pm, we can hang out for a couple hours or whatever time you can spend, and knock out a little prep work for the race. RSVP back to if you can make it.

If you're a safety boater, you should have been contacted by Blair Corson from Outdoor Adventure Center to review your paddling & rescue skills. If you haven't heard from Blair, please connect with him to get all the data on what you need to bring and when you'll be having your safety meeting. He's at .

There will be things happening on Friday at Bowman Bay and if you can come help with setup starting about noon, that's awesome. The OAC crew can get it done, but it's always a good time with more people. Also, safety boaters are encouraged, if you're available, to come hang out on Friday and practice some rescues, get to know each other, maybe discuss funky things like how to tow a surfski, etc. on Friday afternoon.

Saturday morning, racer check-in starts at 8am so we'd like to have our entire volunteer crew checked in and ready to go by that time. Safety kayakers will report to Blair; for all you on-land folks, we'll divide you between:

  • Check-in crew -- greeting racers, verifying their data on a list, receiving their release forms, issuing their tee shirts, and signing them up for the raffle.
  • Beach crew -- wandering around with duct tape, helping racers mount their boat numbers, generally keeping things moving during launch time... and after the race, receiving boat numbers, keeping traffic moving in the landing area, helping racers with their gear.
  • Timing crew (there will be some overlap with the check-in crew if some people want to do both jobs) -- Monitoring the start, recording the finishers. This job requires good focus and quick thinking, so please don't consider it just a chance to watch the excitement at the finish. You'll need to stay focused on recording finish times.
  • There may be some need for help with the OAC food crew.

If you have a preference for a specific job, please say so.

Many thanks everyone for all your help making the Dash a success! We love our volunteers!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday prerace festivities

Outdoor Adventure Center invites all Dash racers and volunteers to come out to Bowman Bay on Friday December 11th for informal socializing and hanging out all day and into the evening.

If you want to paddle the course in similar current conditions to race day, you’ll need to hit the starting line around 10am, so get there early.

Racers and volunteers are welcome to check in for the event, pick up your tee shirts and boat numbers, and practice safety techniques in the shelter of the Bay.

It’s getting close! See you out there!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dash Day weather

Much as we’ve heard at Dash HQ how you’d all love to see another epic day “just like last year”, the current forecast for Saturday in Anacortes looks like this…

High 42

Partly cloudy

10% chance of precip

Wind – Northeast, 5mph

Track it yourself as race day gets closer, at:

See you at the Dash!

Where to stay at the Dash

Just a few reminders to everyone:

Camping at the Bowman Bay section of the Park, right next to the start/finish venue, is closed for the winter. You can stay in the main campground across the bridge to the south, on Whidbey Island. You can make a reservation at:

We’ve had awesome offers of deals for our participants at both the Cap Sante Inn in Anacortes, and the Coachman Inn in Oak Harbor . Both towns are full of great places to see and things to do. Deals on rooms are good both Friday and Saturday of race weekend. Just ask for the Dash special rates when you call to reserve a room.

Sleep good, see you at the Dash!

2009 Dash Boat Numbering system

At the first three Dashes, we asked you to position boat numbers vertically on your stern, so your number could be read by anyone close to you – safety boaters, other racers, photographers, etc. We did it like this:

We’re making a change this year. We’ve lost quite a few numbers to the elements in each race, which not only litters the bottom of our Salish Sea, it makes it hard for the timing/judging crew to figure out who you are at the finish. In 2009 we’re asking you to put your boat number on the bow of your boat, down flat so it can be read from high up on the pier at the finish line. Please be sure your number is on your bow, not your stern... and down flat like this:

Directions to the Dash

Not familiar with the race venue? Easy. Give yourself an hour and a half minimum from North Seattle, an hour from Bellingham.

· Take I-5 to exit 230 (Burlington/Hwy 20).

· Go 11.5 miles West

· Follow the signs to turn left (South) and continue on Hwy 20 toward Oak Harbor. DO NOT continue West to Anacortes.

· From this junction, follow Hwy 20 another 5.5 miles. You’ll see Pass Lake on your right.

· At the end of the Lake, turn right on Rosario Road and IMMEDIATELY left into the Park on Bowman Bay Road. DO NOT CROSS the Deception Pass Bridge to the main park entrance.

· The race venue start/finish line is at the Bowman Bay Boat Launch, at the bottom of the hill on Bowman Bay Road.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Over 160 racers

Another record turnout for the Dash, with 10 days til race day. Many thanks for all the support to our racers, dozens of volunteers, the local media for jumping on board, and of course to our amazing sponsors – check the list in the right margin – who were so generous in getting some incredible prizes out for the raffle.

Here’s the list of registered racers. This is two days old at this point – it was current on Tuesday morning, Dec 1st. If you registered after that, have faith, we know about you.

If you haven’t replied to our request for your boat class, home town, please do so. We’d like to have all our data straight when you check in. See you out there!

Harry Allen Bremerton WA

Gerardo Andaluz Blaine WA

Kim Anderson Portland OR

Karl Andersson Portland OR

Peter Babler Seattle WA

Sonya Bailey Sedro Woolley WA

Shane Baker Port Orchard WA

Marianne Banks Anacortes WA

Tom Banks Anacortes WA

Greg Barton

Greg Bawden Duvall WA

Jeffrey Bedford Folsom, CA

Terri Bedford Folsom, CA

Darrel Bednark Seattle WA

Trista Bilmer Vancouver BC Canada

Rhonda Bintliff Portland OR

Brian Boatman

Tom Borst Marblemount WA

Kevin Bowman

Andy Bridge Sultan WA

Ian Brosnan

Travis Brown Everett WA

Janet Brownell Eastsound WA

Timothy Burke Olympia, WA

Gary Cassulis North Vancouver CA

Sherri Cassuto Seattle Wa

Tracy Clapp Duvall WA

Paul Clement Bellingham WA

Michael Cline Seattle WA

Traci Cole Kenmore WA

Clement Corbiell

Brett Couvrette Seattle WA

David Couvrette Seattle WA

Charles Curry Bainbridge Island WA

Carl Darmer Olalla WA

Garth Day Vancouver BC Canada

John Day North Bend WA

Michael Dee

David Desertspring Gig Harbor WA

Chris Dobrovolny Vancouver BC Canada

James Doherty Shoreline WA

John Doornink Poulsbo WA

James Dunderdale Vancouver BC Canada

Reivers Dustin Bellingham WA

Greg Dutton

Chris Dyko Bremerton WA

Daniel Elefant Seattle WA

Andrew Elizaga Tacoma WA

Erik Evans Bellingham WA

John Fiddler Seattle WA

David Fisher Poulsbo WA

Kevin Fitzpatrick Seattle WA

John Flynn Seattle WA

Minnie Fontenelle Seattle WA

Terry Fox Issaquah WA

Shawna Franklin Eastsound WA

Robert Freelove Everett WA

Michael Germani Tacoma WA

Sean Gibson North Vancouver CA

Larry Goolsby Ferndale WA

Alan Goto Seattle WA

Elizabeth Gould LaConner WA

Alison Graham Point Roberts WA

Mark Greengo Seatac WA

Michael Gregory Bellingham WA

Barb Gronseth Issaquah WA

George Gronseth Issaquah WA

Brady Guinn Seattle WA

Juliane Gust Seattle WA

David Haas Richmond Beach WA

Arthur Ham Des Moines WA

Michael Hammer

Edward Hand Renton WA

Rand Harrell Seattle WA

David Harris Bellingham WA

Jeffrey Hegedus Bellingham WA

Tyler Hesse

Wayne Horodowich Mill Creek WA

Adrian Inglis Bellevue WA

David Jacobson Bellingham WA

Andrew Jaquiss Portland OR

Wade Johnson Camano Island WA

Steven Jones Seattle WA

Joe Kaftan Seattle WA

Jeffrey Kahler Wauna WA

David Kau Eastsound WA

Matt Kelly

Meg Kelly Burien WA

Donald Kiesling Seattle WA

Rob King

Sherman Krantz

Ken Kroeger Seattle WA

John Kuntz Poulsbo WA

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Dash safety checklist

As we approach Dash Day, here’s a reminder. Last year’s paddling conditions caused one racer / long-time paddling instructor to comment that some racers were “clearly out of their element”. We had gone the first two years with sweet conditions and no capsizes, to last year’s epic seas with racers, safety paddlers, and powerboats teaming up on rescue after rescue. So here are a few things we want everyone to bring along:

Good judgment is your number one safety tool. You are responsible for your own safety, even though we'll have a couple dozen expert paddlers out there along with the sheriff and Cap’n Dillard keeping an eye on you.

There’s nothing wrong with saying to yourself, after checking in and getting your tee shirt, “I may be beyond my capabilities today and I don’t feel like burdening the safety crew”. You still get free coffee, a hot meal, and a chance to win a sweet raffle prize. Keep in mind too, that in an emergency we’re focused only on getting you safely warm and back to shore… which means your $3,000 boat may be long gone because we care less about your gear than we do about you.

Requirements of all paddlers: CG-approved pfd, loud signal whistle, and confidence that you could self-rescue even without safety crew help.

You’re required to stop and help a fellow racer in distress if the safety crew hasn’t gotten there first.

Dress for immersion: This means dry suit or wet suit, to keep you insulated while you’re in the water, even if you get separated from your boat.

Know the course and its hazards!

Recommendations: VHF radio, extra fleece, small thermos with hot drink, paddle float, bilge pump.

Weather forecast for Dash Day

As of today, Thursday the 3rd, here’s the weather forecast for Dash Day from

43 degrees with snow showers (go figure)… 60% chance of precip, and 9kt SSE wind.

Stay tuned at to see the current look.