Thursday, December 9, 2010

Official Dash results

Boats strung out from Deception Island to the Pass. Photo by Nancy Arends.

Awesome job to all the racers who came out to this year’s Dash! Another tremendous success, thanks to all of you who participated, volunteered, timed, cooked, served, sent prizes, and just came out to watch.

Final numbers:

185 registered racers

9 no-shows = 176 on hand

19 tandems, 1 triple, 135 singles = 155 boats


150 finishers. Congrats!

Please check the official results at:

Remember, you’re accumulating points* toward big prizes in the Race for Your Life series. The series includes:

DP Dash

New Year’s Challenge on January 8th in Seattle

Paddle the Dragon on May 7th in Port Gamble

deFuca Downwind on June 11th in Port Angeles

Race for Your Life Championship weekend, July 30-31 in Seattle

*RFYL points system: in each boat class, the winner earns points equal to the number of boats in that class, plus a 2-point bonus.

2nd place receives the number of boats in the class, minus 1. 3rd place, minus 2, etc.

For classes of more than 10, the winner receives a max of 12 points; 2nd place, 9, etc.; 10th and below all receive 1 point.

For tandems, triples, OC6, and other team boats, each paddler in the boat, individually, receives the total number of points earned by that boat’s place in their class.

Racers may enter different classes in each race, and accumulate points toward the single big prize on Championship Weekend.

Standings with Dash results will be posted shortly.

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