Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dash safety

Really... this was safer than it looks... Sean Watson photo

Here are a few reminders as we get close to race day. The weather and sea state are predicted to be mild but there are still hazards out there. You can minimize your personal risk by using good judgment and following a few simple guidelines.

-- You must WEAR a CG-approved pfd and carry a whistle during the race.

-- You are responsible for your own safety. Be aware of the conditions, and use your judgment on whether you can handle the sea state. Do not take risks beyond your ability that would put your friendly safety boaters in danger.

-- Be prepared for immersion in extremely cold water.

-- If our crew does need to assist you, your rescue is our first priority. This may mean your equipment gets lost or damaged if we are on the scene taking care of you.

-- Know the course! If you haven't paddled it, check your charts, ask experienced paddlers for advice, and take a look at the Secret Pirate Map and accompanying narrative on the Dash Blog.

Stay updated on the weather and wind conditions at NOAA’s site right here. Be sure to tab down to “Northern Inland Waters including the San Juan Islands”.

Have fun, be safe. We’ll see you out there!

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