Monday, November 16, 2009

Weather resources for Dash racers

Looking for helpful data on just how the course will look on race day? Here’s the first word of advice…

Be ready for anything.

Your own good judgment is the most important piece of safety equipment you can bring with you.

Beyond that, here are four nice links to give you an idea what’s up.

10-day Anacortes weather forecast – For those planning waaaayyy ahead. By December 2nd you can start visualizing the conditions on race day. Practice your mental adjustments each morning when you realize the prediction for December 12th has changed. Hmmmmm… Temp 25 degrees or 50? Wind 8 knots SE or 30 W? Fun game if you’re a little schizophrenic, or want to be.

Cape Flattery surf report – take a look at this one a day or two before the event. Big ol’ waves, ten feet or more, heading East through the Strait, mean a lot of fun – wooo hooo! – as you exit Canoe Pass in those standing waves as they stack up against the building ebb. Remember the secret Dash treasure map? Check it again.

Smith Island Weather Station – just ten miles SW of the Pass, Smith gives you a good idea of current wind & sea conditions, plus links to detailed local NWS Marine forecasts. With 24 hours of historical data, this is the place to check out when you get home from the race wondering how hard that wind was blowing.

Deception Pass current predictions for race day – and remember, if the Skagit is in flood and there’s a strong SE wind, your ebb will start way early and you better kick butt to get through the crux.

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