Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Current volunteer list

Here’s your list of safety boaters and land crew. Check back with us if you have questions. We’ll post job descriptions for each volunteer position soon. And yes, we can always use more help, so talk to us if you'd like to join this list. See you out there!

Safety boaters

Tom Dillard, piloting MV Base Mother

Beth Bielstein

Bob Burnett

Ken Biddle

Dan Thrush

Rhonda Schwab

Dave Mottershead

Mark Whitaker

Steve Andrews

Susan Roth

Leslie Mix

Jonathan Karuna

Racer check-in, timing, food etc

Whende Keatts

Setsuko Cox

Lynn Wang

Cathy Federici

Helaine Mottershead

Elise Mebel

Karen Scharer

Dede Chinlund

Herb Kai

Linda Sanford

Jacqueline Kahler

Hazel Simpson

Esther Andrews

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