Monday, November 23, 2009

Race Day Timeline

We’re still putting together a plan for Friday, the day before the race. There may be some festivities on tap. Here’s what’s happening on race day, Saturday December 12th:

8am – Park opens, check-in begins – free coffee all day from Fidalgo Bay Coffee Company! All volunteers please check in too; we need to make sure you’re there and ready, and this year we’ll get you your tee shirts before the race.

9:45am – Safety Kayakers meet with Blair. Please be ready to paddle before the meeting starts, so you can get on the water soon after the meeting is over.

10:15am – Mandatory prerace meeting for all competitors. This will be a quick review of the race course, that’s all… we heard your feedback last year about needless jabber.

11am SHARP, no delays – race starts.

11:37am – slack in the Pass; ebb starts.

12:30 (give or take) – lunch is served!

1pm – last racer off the course please. Safety crew needs to get back for burgers & a bonfire.

1:15pm – raffle begins. Please look over the prizes, and find your name on the pick order. We’ll only be giving you a few seconds to go get your prize. Your feedback from last year said the raffle took too long. And you all wanted our volunteers to be part of the raffle, not just racers. Soooo…. With record numbers of raffle participants and prizes, we’ll need to keep it moving.


  1. I have a boat that is trailered. Will there be a place for me to park?

  2. Should be no worries if you get there early. We may ask you to unload your boat and park in another lot, if the trailer is oversized. We'll play it by ear. Thanks for asking!

  3. What is "early"? 6 AM?


  4. Naa 8am should work, when the park opens.