Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Volunteer update

Hi volunteers, here's the latest...

Volunteers are invited, if you live in the Anacortes area or close by, to help put boat numbers and a few signs together, Wednesday 12/9 at Ruby Creek Boathouse's warehouse at 9117 Molly Lane #107. This is one block south of Hwy 20 on Reservation Road, just behind Jerry Smith Chevrolet. Whoever's into it, let's meet at 7:30pm, we can hang out for a couple hours or whatever time you can spend, and knock out a little prep work for the race. RSVP back to if you can make it.

If you're a safety boater, you should have been contacted by Blair Corson from Outdoor Adventure Center to review your paddling & rescue skills. If you haven't heard from Blair, please connect with him to get all the data on what you need to bring and when you'll be having your safety meeting. He's at .

There will be things happening on Friday at Bowman Bay and if you can come help with setup starting about noon, that's awesome. The OAC crew can get it done, but it's always a good time with more people. Also, safety boaters are encouraged, if you're available, to come hang out on Friday and practice some rescues, get to know each other, maybe discuss funky things like how to tow a surfski, etc. on Friday afternoon.

Saturday morning, racer check-in starts at 8am so we'd like to have our entire volunteer crew checked in and ready to go by that time. Safety kayakers will report to Blair; for all you on-land folks, we'll divide you between:

  • Check-in crew -- greeting racers, verifying their data on a list, receiving their release forms, issuing their tee shirts, and signing them up for the raffle.
  • Beach crew -- wandering around with duct tape, helping racers mount their boat numbers, generally keeping things moving during launch time... and after the race, receiving boat numbers, keeping traffic moving in the landing area, helping racers with their gear.
  • Timing crew (there will be some overlap with the check-in crew if some people want to do both jobs) -- Monitoring the start, recording the finishers. This job requires good focus and quick thinking, so please don't consider it just a chance to watch the excitement at the finish. You'll need to stay focused on recording finish times.
  • There may be some need for help with the OAC food crew.

If you have a preference for a specific job, please say so.

Many thanks everyone for all your help making the Dash a success! We love our volunteers!

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