Sunday, October 24, 2010

5th Annual Dash set for December 4th at 1pm

Dashers will be glad to hear that it's confirmed, Outdoor Adventure Center is once again hosting the Deception Pass Dash at Bowman Bay on Saturday, December 4th. This year's Slack Before Ebb is predicted at 1:25pm... we're scheduling the start for 1pm. This gives you 25 minutes to make about 2.5 nautical miles from the starting line to the crux move at the top of Pass Island. The rest is cake. Right? We'll see.

Based on your feedback from the 2009 race, we may move the start time based on conditions. In challenging weather we may make it earlier, or in flat conditions we may even move it back a little. In any case please be at the High Noon Mandatory Racer Meeting.

Sign up for the 2010 Deception Pass Dash right here:

... and we'll see you out there!
Stay tuned right here for updates. Please contact Bill Walker, Race Director, with any questions or comments. or 206-940-6269.

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